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Tenterfield Business and Community Highlights

Welcome to the bustling town of Tenterfield, located in New South Wales, Australia. This town is home to some of the most exceptional businesses and community activities that make it a perfect place to live, work, and play - all at the same time.

Business in Tenterfield:

If you're looking to start a business in Tenterfield, you'll be in good company. This town has several successful businesses ranging from boutique stores, cafes to popular restaurants. One of the reasons why Tenterfield is such a great place to launch a business is due to the welcoming community, an abundance of space, low living costs, and its strategic location. The businesses offer a diverse range of products, from a local florist, a cafe with home-cooked meals to clothing boutiques. All of the businesses take pride in sourcing local produce and supporting the local community.

Community in Tenterfield:

The town of Tenterfield has a rich history that is celebrated with fervor and enthusiasm. The community of Tenterfield is celebrated for their strong and inclusive spirit, which creates a sense of unity and belonging. The town has many community activities that allow individuals to connect, socialize, and experience the unique local culture which includes the showground's annual agricultural show that showcases livestock, produce, and live music from local artists. The Tenterfield Art and Cultural Society also hold annual exhibitions, allowing local artists to showcase their talents.

Moreover, Tenterfield is known to be home to several charities, and individuals band together to organize events to raise money for several causes. This community spirit strengthens the town's resolve to be a supportive and welcoming home to everyone who lives here.


In Tenterfield, you can experience a unique blend of a thriving business community and an active and inclusive community that prides itself on its rich local culture. This makes Tenterfield not only an excellent place to work but also a welcoming place to call home.

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